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House Specialties

House Specialties

Classic PescaVegan Cakes


Wildcaught, Salmon, Herring, Oysters, Shrimp with Mined Spinach, Sweet Peppers and Red Onions. The PVCakes could be Spicy or Classic. (3) Seasoned with our PescaVegan Signature Seasoned Oil (mixture of avacodo oil and fresh herbs) chickpea flour and fresh avocado) all air fried to perfection Served with your choice of Seasoned Brussels or Baby Red Potatoes atop Organic Quinoa & Wild Brown Rice w Garlic. 

Garlic Encrusted Red Sockeye Salmon


Tossed in Chickpea flour and deep-fried in grapeseed oil, this red salmon will leave you breathless with every bite. Comes with seasoned Brussels w Mozzarella Cheese and Chickpeas atop brown jasmine rice. Comes classic or spicy. Made without dairy or whey.

Mango Habanero MahiMahi


Seasoned and Airfried to perfection. Garnished with Cherry Bright Tomatoes and Red Onions, Spicy Garlic Roasted Squash Zucchini and Spinach all tossed in Our PescaVegan Signature Oil and air fried, separately, to perfection Paired with White Cheddar Mac n Chz, will definitely be a Spicy Hit- No Salt No Dairy No Whey. Animal Derived

Spicy Garlic Halibut


Seasoned and Deep-fried in Grapeseed oil
With 4 Cheeze and Herbs Mac and Cucchini (Roasted Asparagus and Zucchini w Red Onions and Fresh Basil

PescaVegan RiceBowl


Teriyaki Shrimp Philly Supreme Wrap

  • Air Fried Wild Caught Shrimp, Mushrooms, Green and Sweet Peppers with Vegan Provolone Cheeze on top of a bed of Spinach.

Dressed with Vegan Mayo with Caramelized Onions Wrapped then, air fried for 5 mins Served alongside Seasoned Veggie Fries or Chopped Red Potatoes.

Kombucha Drinks


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