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Kiddie Platters



Vegan Crispy OR Grilled Chicken, Chickpeas, Red Cabbage, Red, Yellow, and Orange Peppers all seasoned atop of Vegan Hibachi …
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Exquisite Dishes, With a Great Service

Fine Dining Experience

Fine Dining Experience

Full Meal Serving

Meals with several courses including beverages, appetizers, salads, entrées, side dishes, and desserts; are Served.  Please, check the …
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$105.00 Per serving

All Ingredients are Alkaline Forming In Our Bodies

Best Seafood & Vegan Food in Union City

Looking for fine seafood in Union City? No matter what sort of ocean-dwelling treat you’re after, Pesca Vegan Life 2 LLC is a perfect match for you. I offer a wide variety of seafood dishes and vegan menus respecting every vegan value. I also offer full meal servings and a takeaway service. Book a reservation ...

What is Pesca Vegan?

Pesca is short for Pescatarian; aka Seafood. Vegan denotes Plant-Based. I offer 2 menus; 1 with seafood, the other with only Plant-based ingredients prepared using traditional vegan values; No dairy, No whey. I only use Grapeseed Oil to deep fry and Avacodo Oil as a base when Air frying and a completely vegan ...


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PescaVegan®️ Shirt

Get our 100% Cotton Crew Neck Front and Back …
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PescaVegan Rewashable Face Masks with Filter

100% Vegan material with PescaVegan brand logo …
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Pescavegan Life2 Catering Keychain Earn more …
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